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"I installed this on a cabinet drawer containing sensitive material. Instead of making copies of keys, I simply programmed in the fingerprints of those authorized to open it. Don't have to worry about changing locks, just remove the fingerprint from the unit. Works great."

Andy A - Verified Buyer


Quick Unlock and Auto-Lock!


Our Smart Cabinet Lock is the perfect solution for your storage needs. With a fingerprint lock, you can easily and securely access your belongings without having to worry about losing keys or forgetting a combination. The sleek and modern design is perfect for any home or office, and the easy-to-use interface makes it a breeze to use. Whether you're looking for added security or just want to keep your things organized and safe, our electronic cabinet lock is the ideal choice.

fingerprint cabinet lock

Biometric Fingerprint Lock- Keyless/Smart /Safe

Say no to:

  • Key
  • Magnetic card
  • Digital password.
  • APP
  • PC

cabinet locks

20 Fingerprint can be added

Biometric cabinet door lock supports the simultaneous management of multiple people, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

rechargeable cabinet locks

Lower Power & Rechargeable Design

A full charge can last about 180 days. The fingerprint panel is designed with a USB emergency charging port. Say no to the situation that the battery of cabinet locks is too low to unlock.

smart drawer lock

0.5 Second Quick Unlock & Automatic Pop-up

Adopting professional biometric technology, smart drawer lock delivers a fast and accurately 360° omni-directional recognition, which creats a 0.5 second quick unlocking.

Keep the Decoder Carefully: prevent sudden fingerprint recognition failure.

How to use:

  1. Insert the decoder into USB charging port.
  2. Press the panel until three-color breathing light flashes continuously, then remove. (All fingerprints are successfully deleted, and the fingerprint lock returns to initial state.)
  3. Enter any fingerprint to unlock.
  4. After successfully unlocking, please re-enter the administrator and common user fingerprints.

Add (administrator) fingerprint for the first time:

(Note: The first three fingerprints are administrator fingerprints. If no fingerprints are entered, anyone can unlock the lock.)

    1. Press for 5 seconds until blue light is on.
    2. Enter the same fingerprint five times in a row.
    3. If green light stays on, successfully added administrator. A red light means failure.
    4. Press first administrator fingerprint for 5 seconds until blue light stays on.
    5. Enter another fingerprint five times until green light stays on. (The second administrator fingerprint successfully enter. In the same way, enter the third one.)

    Electronic Cabinet Locks Kit Set

    Add ordinary users fingerprints:

    • Press the first administrator fingerprint for 5 seconds until blue light stays on.
    • Verify any administrator fingerprint until blue light stays on again.
    • Enter the same fingerprint five times until green light stays on.
    • In the same way, enter other fingerprints.

    Delete Fingerprint:

    • Press first administrator fingerprint for 10 seconds until the red light stays on.
    • Verify administrator fingerprint.
    • Green light stays on, successfully delete.

    Cautions: Deletion of the fingerprint means that all fingerprints are deleted, instead of deleting certain fingerprint record separately.


    About low battery warning

    When the battery is too low, the red indicator light of the electronic drawer lock will flash 3 times quickly after unlocking.

    About Anyone Can Unlock the Lock

    Fingerprint entry is unsuccessful, or all fingerprints are deleted by mistake. In this case, use the decoder to restore the initial state and reset fingerprints.


    1x Lock body

    1 x Fingerprint Panel

    1 x Lock

    1 x Screw kit


    Material: Plastic + metal

    Size: 87.9*65*22.2mm



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