MyVIPCart™ Car Exhaust Pipe Roar Maker

$20.55 $41.10

Different specifications have different sound levels. The bigger the song, the louder the sound.

You can blow vigorously into the product inlet with your mouth, and you hear a whistle, then it is a normal product.

It may sound, but it does not sound after installation. It's a problem with the car's exhaust and thrust.


-Tighten the screw on the Turbo Sound Whistle

Place the Turbo Sound Whistle body inside the exhaust with the larger opening towards the inside of the exhaust

-Screw the screws on tighten the item so as not to fall off while driving


-Made of lightweight material

-Easy to install, beautiful appearance, very fashionable, low cost, is the first choice for decorative car. The length of the product is only the length of the whistle, not the length of the fixed frame Widely used for all car models.

-Made from light weight aluminum CNC Machined from 6061 T-6 Aluminum