MyVIPCart™ Creative Volcano Lava Lamp

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MyVIPCart™ Creative Volcano Lava Lamp is a wax liquid motion lamp bottle body is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass and has been reinforced, so a slight impact will not cause damage. the bulb has a very long lifespan, and the thick glass bottle ensures that the liquid in the lamp will not overflow or break easily.

lava lamp orange wax clear liquid

GORGEOUS Creative Volcano Lava Lamp

MyVIPCart™ Creative Volcano Lava Lamp (Orange Wax / Clear Liquid) is very easy to attract attention, through the heating of the bottom bulb, the wax fluid of the glass is slowly melted after heat, and then the wax liquid becomes different shapes, floating up and down, very Beautiful.

Decorative office lights

office decoration


In the office, The MyVIPCart™ Creative Volcano Lava Lamp can be used in the bar, in the living room, room, etc., which can greatly enhance the environment's comfort and relieve mood.