MyVIPCart™ Wall Mounted Beylock Box

$64.99 $99.98

Never fear losing your keys again!

Keep your keys safe from thieves with this Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Key Lock Box!

It offers safety and privacy for everyone! It is the best way to leave your house behind without worries!

Perfect for families who have different school or work schedules!

This key lockbox can be used to store key cards and normal keys. You can also store other stuff such as money inside it!

A built-in 4-digit combination lock that offers more than 10,000 combination possibilities! The combination is very easy to input and recognizes your given code accurately.

As for flexibility, you can also use this lockbox for indoor privacy as you place it on your drawer, wardrobe, and other things that have a lock so you won't misplace the keys!

This key lockbox is very easy to install too! It comes with an installation kit and user manual making it so easy to mount onto any type of wall!

Crafted from industrial-grade aluminum and zinc alloy making it durable enough to withstand any weather!

This key lockbox will not surrender your keys no matter what!

That's why keep your house safe and be worry-free by installing this Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Key Lock Box TODAY!!

How To Install:

  1. Position the key lockbox to your wall and mark the holes
  2. Drill properly sized holes to the designated area
  3. Use a hammer and nail plastic screw plugs into the holes
  4. Insert the metal screws at the hole together with the lockbox

How To Set 4-Digit Code:

  1. Dial the default code (0-0-0-0) to open the key box
  2. Push the reset button inside to position B
  3. Scroll numbers and input your desired code
  4. When you are done choosing your code, push the button inside again to position A and your code is set