MyVIPCart™ Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter

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NO MORE Huffing and Puffing Just to Move Furniture & Appliances!

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Introducing the MyVIPCart™ Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could move furniture without needing to ask for help? What happens when you don’t have anyone around to help you move heavy furniture? Whether you’re relocating or doing some rearranging, moving furniture can be a huge job.

One person cannot carry a couch up the stairs. It is difficult to move them down the stairs as well. It is even more difficult to drag them outside and load them up in your car or truck. You wouldn’t be able to do it alone.

Thank heavens for this tool that could help you efficiently move all the heavy items alone, and more importantly, without hurting yourself!

Simple yet Complete Logistics Tool for Your Home, Office, or Business

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slider movers move slider sofa mover furniture mover tool set refrigerator mover heavy furniture


Rely on the MyVIPCart™ Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter for relocating or rearranging, as we made sure that this furniture/appliance moving helper is made only from strong, durable materials. The main structure is made from thick durable steel while the handle is made from PVC plastic with an anti-slip design. The wheel rollers are designed to rotate 360 degrees in strong friction force.

heavy furniture roller mover tool mover roller wood furniture sliders smart sliders refrigerator kit


As promised, moving heavy items alone will no longer be difficult when you have this Furniture/Appliance Mover Set. Using it is super easy! Simply place the lifter under the furniture, and lift it up while holding the handle firmly. Place the 4 pcs rollers into the four corners. Then just roll/glide to where you want the furniture or appliance to go!

furniture sliders with lifter tool moving slide furniture move lift move move appliances moving easy


With our mover toolset, ever have to worry about hurting your back, hands, arms, or legs while relocating or rearranging. This logistics helper kit can carry and move items as heavy as 150 kilograms or 330 pounds! The roller pads fit most (if not all) common furniture & appliances like TVs, refrigerators, sofas, bookcases, tables, beds, washer, dryer, piano, and more!

The plan is a long-overdue rearrangement or relocation with MyVIPCart™ Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter Helper today!